A comparison of the analysis of michael jordan and lebron james both successful basketball players

Laney High School located in Wilmingtonfor his high school team. And so, when Kerr was asked on Saturday how much of a difference it makes, when coming off a crushing loss, to have a transcendent player like James on the floor, he went right back to the well of Jordan, his former teammate.

This basically guaranteed that on any isolation, you could have a second or so to attack against single coverage. Determining a player's historical impact is subjective but it is a significant factor worth considering.

Players of LeBron's star power or near it -- the 1 percent of the NBA's alpha dogs -- don't get compared to second-best options. This, understandably, caused a phobia of water from childhood, and contributing to this he himself almost drowned at a baseball camp at the age of InI first described my pro basketball Pantheoncomprising the 10 retired players who each could potentially be considered the greatest player of all-time listed here in chronological order: Watching him breakaway for a dunk feels like when Michael Jordan stretches his arm from half-court to dunk at the end of Space Jam.

This was the isolation play, or iso, for short. Like what you've read. The two players in comparison Most basketball experts agree that although LeBron James is impressive in terms of raw stats there is a possibility of surpassing Michael Jordan in future.

However, I don't feel that argument holds up because Jordan earned that ring in his thirteenth playoff appearance. Let me be clear: And those extra minutes add up.


The object of the defense was to force the ball out of the best player's hands. My primary goal when I started this project was to do a season-to-season, playoff appearance-to-playoff appearance statistical comparison.

Jordan did not make a Finals appearance until his 7th playoff appearance. That also meant you couldn't just stand in the paint all day guarding no one.

And yet James might still be, somehow, improving. This is the real challenge for LeBron moving forward. He had an excellent ballhandling skills and his footwork cut through defenders marvelously, leaving some players dazzled as a result.

Rebounds Notes - James has consistently been better at collecting rebounds than Jordan, both in season and in the playoffs.

Paul George While Hayward might inch up this list, it's hard to imagine him getting any higher than this spot. In the same year he won the MVP title.

Of course Kobe Bryant thinks championships will determine LeBron James' legacy

For decades the NBA required teams to play man-to-man defense, which meant everyone on the court had to guard someone. It is such an odd moment in the history of the NBA. With his help, the Cavaliers were able to fight all the way to the finals, but unfortunately, they lost to the San Antionio Spurs.

It is most definitely futile to limit any "GOAT" comparison to something as simple as a ring count: Andrew Wiggins received zero first-place votes. InMichael Jordan was spotted gambling in Atlantic City, the night before the game. I hope this encourages everyone to ask questions of this nature.

Notes about the list There wasn't a lot of debate on this list at all. The former tends to be more fluid in traveling through the court than the later. Baseball was his first love, and following his first retirement he signed a minor league baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox and would play for the Birmingham Barons a minor league affiliate of the White Sox.

However, despite the new illegal defense rule, legalizing the zone defense led to Tim Thibodeau's ICE strong-side overload defense, popularized when Thibodeau was the assistant coach in charge of defense during the Celtics' championship season in This argument has been beaten to death.

And thinks someone else should be added to that conversation. I have watched with keen interest as many others have attempted to revise, expand or completely redo the 50 Greatest Players List; this article is the first part of a series of articles that will 1 describe methodologies that can be most effectively used to select such a list and 2 analyze several Greatest Players lists that have been compiled since These are not the only two numbers he wore during his professional career however, as in a road game against the Magic in he was forced to wear a nameless 12 jersey after his was stolen from his locker.

He's the only player who can single-handedly carry his team to the brink of a championship, travel a whole bunch and get away with it and receive comparisons to Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan -- an exercise in NBA historical thought that still seems to sell LeBron's talents short.

He can't shake that tag. The old one prohibited zone defense. Giannis Antetokounmpo Giannis Antetokounmpo could legitimately be 1 on this list by February. SF: LeBron James Right after the Olympics, LeBron James was about to take the league by the horns and build his strong legacy, inking his signature in basketball history as the best small forward in the history of the game.

NBA Draft 2016: Pick by pick

Among active NBA players, the only one who has even a shot at contesting Michael Jordan's status as the Greatest of All Time is LeBron James. Deep into his 15th season in the league, LeBron today. In my basketball-watching lifetime, the most entertaining players to watch (no particular order) to me are: Shaq, Steph, Durant, Westbrook, The Answer, Wade, and the Suns rendition of Amare (still have a poster of him somewhere in my room).

Differences between Michael Jordan & LeBron James

Sep 20,  · LeBron James is finally bringing Space Jam 2 to life. The long-awaited sequel to Michael Jordan’s masterpiece (yes, I said masterpiece!) has secured Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler as the producer and has fans of the original buzzing.

Complete list of active NBA Players including their bio, season and career stats, and recent video highlights. LeBron vs. Jordan: Is There a Comparison Yet? The Minitab Blog. Search for a blog post: Analytics.

Data Analysis; Is LeBron James better than basketball’s greatest player of all elleandrblog.coml Jordan? But Jordan started out playing much better early in his career than LeBron.

Then both players followed similar paths after their.

A comparison of the analysis of michael jordan and lebron james both successful basketball players
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