Consideration and promissory estoppel notes

So, the plaintiffs agreed to half the rent the defendants were paying, which continued throughout the war. Husband was in no way connected with E when the money was expended, so he received no consideration. Could the defendant use the principle of promissory estoppel as a defence.

In the lease there was a clause requiring the defendant to make repairs to the property if the plaintiff asks for them to be done. The House of Lords accepted that the plaintiff had agreed not to sue on the judgement at all, even for interest but that this was not enforceable as the defendant did not provide good consideration for this promise.

It is extremely difficult to reconcile the requirement with modern theoretical methods of contract law i. From this case, it is also possible for the promise to come from silence or inaction.

In the course of a voyage seamen deserted the captain. The main intention of the offer was to induce people to buy chocolate which would not have otherwise been bought. Stated by Brennan J in Waltons Stores: A v Nigerian Produce Marketing Co. The wife sought to use promissory estoppel as sword and not a shield.

The wife brought an action to enforce the promise invoking promissory estoppel. It is also said that equitable estoppel lies in tort, while promissory estoppel lies in contract. The effect of estoppel is to supplement the doctrine in deserving cases. There are five principal criticisms: So the shopkeeper's actual words and knowledge are critical to deciding whether either a contract or an estoppel arises.

It is too narrow in scope and so fails to give effect to promises that ought to have legal effect; 2.

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However, the plaintiff then sued for interest which had accrued under the judgment. At the time of the contract the value of Kenyan shillings and pound sterling were of equal value.

P threatened not to carry out main contract unless indemnified against potential loss. This approach presents possible conflicts with earlier decisions regarding part payment of debts.

It only needs to be established that the promisor has changed their position. During this period, Clariti expanded its marketing and sales of the products.

P had substantially completed when D decided to stop making the payments. That being said, because the court system aims to achieve fairness, a legal forum will apply the doctrine of promissory estoppel in situations where a consideration is made.

Whilst there also exists a doctrine of proprietary estoppel, the High Court of Australia merged this doctrine with the doctrine of promissory estoppel by virtue of their similar criteria. In some common-law jurisdictions, a promise by the shopkeeper to hold a specific radio would create a binding contract, even if B had to go for the money.

Estoppel in English law

It has not be applied in situations where there was a one-off payment, such as a pre-existing debt. Husband then promised to pay the money. Hence, once signed, all statements of fact usually found in the opening recital which sets out the reason s for making the deed are conclusive evidence against the parties who are estopped from asserting otherwise.

Laws surrounding a Promissory Estoppel: Majority thought that the letter could be construed as a request for marriage, being of personal satisfaction for the Uncle. Res judicata Issue estoppel more commonly known as issue preclusion prevents, in some cases, an issue that has already been litigated and decided on the merits from being re-litigated, even when the parties are different.

The terms Estoppel in pais and equitable estoppel are used interchangeably in American law. B tells the shopkeeper that he will get the money and come back later that day to purchase it; there is no discussion of price.

In this essay I will attempt to give explanations on the "The Rule Of Pinnel's Case", promissory estoppel, and how it impacted upon the doctrine of consideration. There was a pro and con between "The Rule Of Pinnel's Case" and doctrine of consideration.

Promissory Estoppel Promissory Estoppel The legal doctrine known as promissory estoppel describes the process whereby a party to an agreement or contract is barred from revisiting a part of the agreement that is already settled, whether it be part of an original agreement or after the fact.

The buyers raised promissory estoppel in their defence in that in accepting the instalment in pound sterling and redrafting the credit agreement without changing the currency there was an implied promise that they would not revert to Kenyan Shillings. Promissory estoppel provides a way in which promises can be legally binding even if no consideration has been given.

Promissory estoppel relates to a form of future conduct. The doctrine of promissory estoppel may not make the total contract fully enforceable. Promissory Estoppel is a related principle which can act as the exception to one of the mainrules of consideration – that for consideration to be valid, it must have economic value and involve anexchange of benefit/detriment between the parties.

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Consideration and promissory estoppel notes
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