Discrimination and adult social care

Race, Religion, Politics, and Class The issue that young people are most likely to say divides the country is politics.

Racial Discrimination Racial discrimination is the most common type of bias young people report having witnessed or experienced in the last 12 months.


It precludes treatment of individuals as simply components of a racial, religious, sexual, or national class. I am aware that I have the disease so I do not touch him.

Many reported being afraid that using these products would lead them to being mistakenly identified as having HIV, and so the fear of the isolation and discrimination that being identified as living with HIV would bring led them to adapt behaviours that put them more at risk of acquiring the virus.

But see Philipsen v. It is important that we all work as part of a team to ensure we promote diversity, equality and inclusion. An Analysis of Fisher v. Job opportunities may be further limited since Native American women often live in remote areas where the few available jobs tend to be in traditionally male-dominated industries.

For example if there is a new service user taking part in a group activity of playing cards, and there is indecision on which card game to play, by increasing their knowledge of a service user, the carer may discover that they were from Lancashire and know how to play all fours, and so asking them if they can play it, and if they would like to instruct others on how to play would be a good way to include others through improving their understanding of an individual that has a different social background.

The possible consequences of not complying with legislation and actively complying with legislation and codes of practice relating to diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination in an adult social care setting are disciplinary action, dismissal, legal action being brought against care staff, workers or the home and the possible closure of the home 2.

If an individual was to withdraw themselves from society, they could develop a fear of rejection. Young people are divided over whether it is more important to prioritize a frank discussion of sensitive topics or to avoid using offensive language.

This fear of discrimination breaks down confidence to seek help and medical care. Everyone has different beliefs, culture, values and preferences.

Perceptions of discrimination vary somewhat among young Americans by racial and ethnic background. We have to give childcare leave to women. When exercising their judgement, professionals and practitioners are expected to take this guideline fully into account, alongside the individual needs, preferences and values of their patients or the people using their service.

To avoid the conversation of Christmas, I could ask them about their religion and learn about what they believe, this would give more topics to discuss, creating a better relationship between myself and the service user, which would make the client more comfortable with the care they are receiving.

There is more agreement among young people about whether Asian people face a lot of discrimination in the U. South Africa was the first country to explicitly add intersex to legislation, as part of the attribute of 'sex'. Under the circumstances the employer has discriminated against Tyler based on sex by denying him a part-time position.

Whilst some care workers may enjoy the festive atmosphere, their next client may be of a different religion and do not celebrate it. What we believe in, what we see as important and acceptable is an essential part of who we are.

Those most at risk to HIV key affected populations continue to face stigma and discrimination based on their actual or perceived health status, race, socioeconomic status, age, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity or other grounds.

On this issue, black young people are more evenly divided than other young people. As a carer we must do whatever we can to make these clients feel as comfortable and happy with their situation as possible, if a client does not celebrate this public holiday, it is important not to push them into participating with the Christmas theme.

Racial Discrimination Young people tend to believe racial minority groups experience substantial discrimination in the U. The presence or absence of any particular kind of evidence is not dispositive.

The more staff engage in the discussion or undertake training will determine how aware they are and how they will be able to pt it to use in their everyday practice. If you are employed by a financial institution, please complete form SOC Thus, if a supervisor believes that mothers should not work full time, he or she might refuse to consider a working mother for a promotion that would involve a substantial increase in hours, even if that worker has made it clear that she would accept the promotion if offered.

If I allow my own preferences or beliefs to interfere with how I perform in my role then I would be failing to perform to the codes of practice and not treating the service users with equality.

Adult Protective Services (APS)

Age equality and age discrimination in social care The principle of treating people equally, with dignity and respect, whatever their age, is fundamental to good practice in social work and social care. If you are looking for an alternative to nursing home placement, or if you desire to remain independent at home and within the community, then our organized program of health care, nursing, recreational, social and nutritional services, and supervision is the right choice for you or your loved one.

Unit Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Outcome 1 Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion Explain what is meant by: Diversity means accepting and respecting that each individual is unique and recognizing every individual’s differences.

New IHSS Provider Paid Sick Leave Program Information The California Department of Social Services is starting a new program that will allow current, active IHSS providers in all California counties the ability to receive annual paid sick leave beginning State Fiscal Year July 1, NHS and adult social care complaints Direct discrimination in health and care services.

This advice applies to England Print If you’ve been Read this page to find out more about direct discrimination when receiving health and care services. This guideline covers the care and support of adults receiving social care in their own homes, residential care and community settings.

It aims to help people understand what care they can expect and to improve their experience by supporting them to make decisions about their care.

Discrimination and adult social care
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Inclusion and discrimination in adult social care settings | Essay Example