Manage health and social care

They often provide emotional, social and financial support for the service user. Alongside social workers, occupational therapists and nurses in social care we have many care workers who could benefit or be inspired by new progression ladders similar to those that are being developed in the NHS including roles such as associate nurses and nurse degree apprenticeships.

Why does this matter. Being able from time to time to obtain further qualifications appropriate to the work they perform I have a complete supervision programme which is support within my organisations policies and procedures. There are various appropriate approaches which can be used to address conflicts and issues.

But that must not be an excuse to put off necessary reforms. Both the techniques have power to generate reliable and valid results and most importantly the changes could be introduced, if required any Proudlove and Boaden, Quality improvement is very crucial element that should gain huge priority by Stanford care home.

We ask that the customers to sign consent to the care plan but staff are aware that they must seek consent at each visit as circumstances and situations change, on-going this will promote the customers right to choose.

Outcomes within a social care context are concerned with quality of life rather than simply levels of ability, health, health or housing status. This policy does not replace or ignore existing health and safety policies and if you are in any doubt about supporting the positive risk in relation to health and safety issues, it is responsible to stop, think and discuss with others before proceeding.

They are often the people who know the service user best and can be an invaluable source of information and support. Valuing People is a strategy to further improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families through the promotion of four key principles, which are legal and civil rights, independence, choice and inclusion.

We need to do better on social care

As a result, the people seeking care services tend to get quality services in the long-run, something which is a positive outcome.

In Leeds an integrated care record is now used by over 5, health and social care professionals so hospitals arrange faster discharges with care packages put in place more quickly.

When sharing information with others the Caldicott Principles are put in to place. Any documents sent via email to others are always password protected which requires the recipient to contact me for the password prior to being able to gain access to the information and allows me the opportunity to confirm that the correct person has the information required.

The service users or associated people with them can indicate towards the problematic and challenging areas of organization which are creating obstacles in improving the service quality. The Manager Induction Standard develops that understanding to working with and supporting others in their professional development.

It included knowledge of effective supervision practice and how this can be embraced within the organisations performance management processes where they exist.

Progress has been made: So I want to turbo-charge progress on integrated health and care budgets, making them the norm and not the exception when people need ongoing support. You can expect your care provider will constantly check the quality of its services 5.

I am aware that training must meet the regulations laid down by the health and social care act, CQC and many other governing bodies. The quality perspective is the major concerning area for the stakeholders.

This pictures human behaviours as subject to a set of fundamental drives. You can expect to be cared for by qualified staff 5. This can often lead to additional service providers and health care professionals being invited to support the individual such as continence trained nurse to provide support for customer who is suffering from bladder control problems or a district nurse to monitor and access skin breakdowns.

The famously optimistic line by Robert Browning might seem out of place to many worried about how we will cope with an ageing population In modern-day Britain, one of the most developed countries on the planet, our aspiration should be to prove those worries wrong.

Care planning and review ensuring that the customer is fully involved and consents to the care plan in place and alter and change where necessary to accommodate any changes in preferences etc.

Within the health and social care services, quality in service delivery is essential. Quality is an important aspect to the users and the service providers as well as others stakeholders within this circle.

Usually, in an attempt to improve services.

Manage Induction in Health and Social Care Essay Sample

Jun 21,  · One of the key concerns in Health care management is management of change and health care professionals are obligated both to acquire and to maintain the expertise needed to undertake their professional tasks, and all are obligated to undertake only those tasks that are within their competence Free Essay: Unit Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals Explain outcome based practice.

Outcome based. Outcome based practice refers to the actual impacts, effects and or end results of services / interventions on an individual’s life. Its effectiveness is not measured by numbers/figures or financial strategies it is measured by the positive outcome that is achieved.

Lead and manage a team within health and social care Sharon Chapman / explains the features of effective team performance An effective team which performs at the highest level, whilst completing their work efficiently to the best of their ability.

Apr 23,  · manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals 1.

Health and Social Care

Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome based practice.

Manage health and social care
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