The difference and similarities between the american and asian educational system

What are the differences between guidance and education. All children regardless of talent and ability attend the same school type up to 12th grade.

The remaining states require students to attend school until they are 17 or In America many children of the upper class avoid being integrated in the public school system and choose private schools.

I honestly wish we had three semesters a year with three longer breaks instead of just two breaks with one being extremely long. While the teacher is talking, students are taking meticulous notes, trying to write as much down as they can.

What is the difference between education and teaching. The children start getting into basic mathematics and are confronted with a little bit of science.

Compared to this fact, the Japanese schools are relatively calm and well managed. Education is something students hopefully get from being taught. Gymnasium Advanced Secondary School - ages Many different types of programs of higher learning are offered in more than colleges and universities.

More and more primary schools in all states are also starting to offer foreign languages.

A comparison: The German and American Educational System

High school typically begins at grade 9 or 10, with middle or junior high schools usually covering the intervening years between elementary school and high school. Likewise in Japan, there are the better and the worse schools.

Which of these secondary schools the children go to is normally depends on the recommendation of their teaching staff on the basis of their primary school performance and to some extent the parents. The learning which is achieved through education is guided and intentional on the part of the learner.

Education in Japan

Though there is huge variation still, there are some common points like division of academic years. Asian countries are characterized by a certain hierarchy, which transmits onto schools as well.


Transportation In America, kids go to school in a school bus. Here students are prepared to face the upcoming challenges in future. However, at the elementary, middle school and high school levels, Chinese parents consider the Chinese education system to be the best in the world.

The standard of education is not too high. The Abitur is regarded as a certificate of aptitude for higher education. Americans are interested in how students use their knowledge in society. Relative-grading does not have a set score which defines the grade like in the American grading system.

What is the difference between education and schooling.

4 Big Differences in American and Asian Education Norms

The US university system is very prestige oriented; whenever you state your degree, you immediately add the name of the school where you obtained it. Japanese parents are known to be concerned more about the responsibilities of their children, rather than the rights of their children; and Japanese children are said to care and respect their friends.

This education generally includes a part-time practical and theoretical education. Anna Lombardo March 21, at 8: Therefore the US university system is much more prestige orientated, and sometimes in the job market it is not important how well you did during college, but where you went to college.

Download our Free Guide 1) The Classroom. One of the first contrasts you can find when comparing the American and Chinese classroom is size.

Chinese teachers are responsible for 30 to 50 students, whereas an American teacher is typically used to a maximum of 20 students. Comparing China & America's School Systems. Shanyiah Lee The U.S. School system What Is The Educational System Like In China It's amazing to think about how the American school system compares to those around the world.

I will explore how the U.S. schools system differs from China and I will also reveal how they are similar. In America where there is less social hierarchy than Asia, the relationship between students and teachers is more casual and friendly.

American students talk to teachers more freely and teachers respect students’ opinion.

4 Big Differences in American and Asian Education Norms

First of all, the largest different between Japanese school system and American school system is the school year. Japanese schools have three semesters and each new school year starts from April, which coincidentally is also the season of cherry blossom. And I am one of them, thus I have found that there are three main differences between American education and Chinese education, such as teaching style, grading system and educational objectives.

Initially, the teaching style is different between American education and Chinese education.

What is the difference between education and knowledge?

Comparison between education System in Malaysia and education System in USA. Education is the responsibility of the Government and it is committed to providing a sound education to all.

This writing is about the differences in education system in Malaysia country and USA country.

The difference and similarities between the american and asian educational system
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