Water and forests

In addition, non-point source pollution i. Therefore, the relationship between forests and water is a critical issue that must be accorded high priority.

Towards a new understanding of forests and water

Hofer sees significant value in merging the government ministries of forest and water together, and a number of nations do this. This connection is hardly new. It is funded through a portion of water fees collected under the Federal Rights Law.

Planted forests and water in perspective. Namibia combines agriculture, forestry and water; and Madagascar has a Ministry of Environment, Forest, Water and Tourism.

Flood flows Forests can mitigate small and local floods but do not appear to influence either extreme floods or those at the large catchment scale. Without soil storage, these streams are much more flashy and prone to flooding.

Forest removal and replacement with other land use systems leads in most cases to higher and accelerated erosion unless great care in soil conservation is practised.

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A key challenge faced by land, forest and water managers is to maximize the wide range of multisectoral forest benefits without detriment to water resources and ecosystem function.

It summarizes some key issues that have emerged from discussion among forest hydrologists, other water-sector experts and policy-makers in the years since the Shiga Declaration, the third World Water Forum and the International Year of Freshwater.

Geological Survey satellites, researchers found that over the period tofire-thinned forests saved 3. This is achieved through minimization of soil erosion on site, reduction of sediment in water bodies wetlands, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and trapping or filtering of other water pollutants in the forest litter, particularly through the following mechanisms.

For example, the International Union of Forest Research Organizationsa non-governmental network on forest science, created a task force identifying forest and water connections through case studies.

Protecting and restoring this forested watershed is our top conservation priority. Rainfall absorbed by roots of forest vegetation circulates through the plant, and most is returned to the atmosphere in a process called transpiration, eventually contributing to clouds and rainfall and continuing the water cycle.

When integrated into agricultural landscapes, forests and trees can increase agricultural productivity. Contact Lotta Samuelson and Nicolai Schaaf. New perspectives on water and forest interactions have enabled a clearer understanding of what forest can and cannot do to deal with the challenges the world will increasingly face in terms of the availability, quality and management of water resources.

For instance, strong scientific evidence refutes the myth that deforestation in the Himalayas causes big floods in the lowlands of the Ganges and Brahmaputra; the large-scale floods result rather from a combination of simultaneous discharge peaks of the large rivers, high runoff from hills adjacent to the floodplains, heavy rainfall, high groundwater tables and spring tides, lateral river embankments and the disappearance of storage areas in the lowlands Hofer and Messerli, On a larger scale, there may be a need to address potential barriers to investment, often financial or infrastructure-related.

How Does a Watershed Work.

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Index of watershed indicators:. forests are the most obvious sources of impacts on southern water resources, other factors, including climate change, increasing climatic variability, and climate change induced sea level rise could have large. If you love beer, you should love forests.

Beer is 95% water and 50% of the water in the U.S comes from forests. Find out how your favorite.

Another reason to save California forests? Our water supply | The Sacramento Bee

Forests and water, which we marked this week on International Day of Forests and World Water Day, have a critical role to play in safeguarding prosperity and securing our sustainable future.

Over a billion people depend directly on forests for their basic livelihoods.

Towards a new understanding of forests and water

Healthy forests are crucial to healthy watersheds. Policies usually ignore the link, but growing public awareness provides hope. “The estimated value of the water filtration and storage services provided by the earth's forests is more than $4 trillion a year; as a corollary, for every 10 percent reduction of forest land, the cost of treating drinking water grow by about 20 percent.”.

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The importance of forests for managing global water resources. Trees and forests are central to managing water resources effectively, not least for countries in seasonally dry regions.

Water and forests
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